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There are definite dangers associated with depression. It can affect nearly all ages, with some groups and demographics being more susceptible than others (women are more likely to develop depression than men, for example, and teens are said to be more prone to depression than adults). Depression can even be fatal, warn medical professionals; and it’s not just the disorder that poses risks. Medications can also present their own list of risky side effects.

Here are some of the dangers commonly associated with depression.


Depression’s ultimate danger is its extreme manifestation. Depressed people may convince themselves that they just aren’t worth enough to live, or that their friends and family will be better off without them. Warning signs of suicide include:

  • Preoccupation with death – person constantly talks about death or conducts extensive research into the afterlife, methods of suicide, and other related subjects
  • Gathering belongings and giving them away
  • Cleaning out and “getting things in order” for no apparent reason
  • Continual speaking about death, the afterlife, or other similar things

Loss of Job and Income

Depression can be debilitating. The depressed person feels worthless and unmotivated and may call in sick frequently or not show up for work. They may be late or be unable to face difficulties during the workday. Depression can impair decision-making and concentration, posing a risk in certain jobs where alertness is crucial (e.g. construction, factory work).

Losing a job can worsen depression and limit access to medical care and medication due to reduced income..


While medication can save lives, it can also pose serious and/or dangerous side effects. Antidepressants tend to have fewer side effects than SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), but antidepressants may, ironically, induce suicidal thoughts.

An antidepressant was blamed for causing suicides. SSRIs may cause bad headaches, temporary or chronic diarrhea, insomnia, nausea, and/or nervousness and agitation.


Depressed people have a tendency to neglect their own health and care. They may not have the energy or focus to keep their homes clean, eat well, or care for their body. Because of this self-neglect, depressed individuals may be more susceptible to illness.

Depressed individuals may neglect seeking treatment for serious illnesses due to difficulty coping with the idea.

By White Crane

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